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Eliminating sick leave threatens faculty rights

Filed under General University Concerns, Sick Leave Proposal by lsbhoren on September 22, 2009 | 5 Comments

I am appalled at the suggestion of eliminating sick leave for UF employees. As the President continues with his mission to corporat -ize this university, has he looked at other universities and businesses to see what they do in the face of budget crises? What other “companies” have canceled employee sick leave? Personally I know of no others that rescind benefits promised their employees at the time of hire.

This proposal is just another reminder the ways that Machen intends to strip away faculty rights.

Perhaps the President will consider the following. He can save money by having all of the administrators across campus go to half time and have them teach one class per semester. Also freeze the salaries of all UF administrators.  If the faculty cannot get merit raises, neither should the administrators. Think of the money that would be saved!

5 Responses to “Eliminating sick leave threatens faculty rights”

  1. rschnei says:

    Sick leave and the retirement payout, have been part of the University’s work benefits promise to employees for decades. This is especially the case for those in DROP. Eliminating it breaks the contract and is like a kick in the rump out the door. Doing so will likely cost UF more in the long run relative to lost endowments and ill feelings (at the least).

  2. katovich says:

    our facutly handbook, which is similar to other universities in the state of florida state that the provisions of Section 110.122 of the florida statute authorizes the university to pay faculty for unused sick leave. the maximum is for 480 hour at the facutly members rate of pay at separation. You need >10 years of service for this

  3. bwelt says:

    The more serious issue is low pay coupled with few and poor raises. UF is simply proving to be a poor career choice. I don’t care too much about sick leave pay. I prefer fair pay for good and hard work.

  4. jhj says:

    I have found it difficult to determine exactly how much sick leave can be cashed out at the present time. I have over 2,000 hours at this point. I understand only a portion of this can be cashed out. I have heard only a 1/4 of the total amount can be cashed out and that if that 1/4 is substantial it if further limited to only a specific number of hours. Anyone have the real scoop on this. And, is the payment for whatever amount of time is allowed based just on salary or salary + benefits.

    Thank for any clarification.

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