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Administrative Salaries

Filed under General University Concerns by bluck on September 23, 2009 | 1 Comment

UFF recently made the statement that UF administrators’ salaries are in the top 10% of universities. I think the challenge for the Senate now is to verify that figure and then put forth a request from faculty through the Senate for administrators to take a pay cut. It is completely imbalanced in any case, but ridiculous in a time of ‘financial crisis’ like the one that admin keeps telling us we are in, for admin to be paid in the top 10% and faculty to be paid in the bottom 10% of their professional peer group. Once this measure of good faith has been accomplished by administrators I believe faculty will be much more open to cuts that affect their salaries and benefits.

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  1. bova says:

    I believe that the difference between Administrative salaries and Faculty salaries can be found in the length of time employed. In both the first and second Compensation Committee Report the only significant variable was length of employment.

    In order to sign new faculty and administrators the University must be competitive. I believe that that the reason our Administration ranks high when compared to others across the nation is that there are very few who have been in their jobs for >5 years.

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