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Balancing the budget

Filed under General University Concerns by barletta on September 23, 2009 | 3 Comments

Once again, UF is trying to balance its budget on the backs of its faculty.  If the salary figures given by the UFF union for faculty and administrators (bottom 10% and top 10%, respectively) are even remotely correct, it’s clear where the money should come from to make up the shortfall. A 10% across the board cut for administrators above department chair would result in a savings of approximately $3 million (based on UF salary table V-14,  3/19/09).  Before the president eliminates a faculty perk because other AAU institutions don’t offer it, he should make sure that his faculty receive salaries commensurate with those of our AAU peers.

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  1. mbinford says:

    It is not difficult but takes about an hour. Visually scan the V-14 table for 6-figure salaries in the salary column. They stand out among all the 5-figure salaries. Those salaries associated with administrator of associate dean or higher rank are copied to a spreadsheet, which is manipulated (“text to columns”) so that the salary column can be summed the percentage calculated.

    Some administrators have changed since March 2009 so the figures are not up to date, but 10% of all the administrators’ salaries does come to about $3 million. You can expect the numbers to be different with updated lists and by more careful definition and extraction of administrators’ salaries, but not by much.

  2. groisser says:

    How did you manage to figure out from table V-14 what the total of administrators’ salaries is? I’ve been stymied by what seems a deliberate attempt to scatter and bury that information throughout a 605-page table lacking an index or TOC. Units are listed alphabetically, but to find a particular person’s salary without looking page by page, you have to guess the name that the table uses for his unit, e.g. “J.W. Reitz Union Programs Administration”. Joe Glover,$300K, appears on the same page as administrative assistants in the $30K’s. And you won’t find that page under “Provost”; you have to know it’s “Academic Affairs, Provost”, or luck out because it’s p. 5. For anyone who wants the link:

  3. wcalin says:

    As one faculty member over 65, I suggest that the reason most of us are still at UF is because of our love of teaching and research, not out of financial necessity. Therefore, I doubt that incentives will cause many of us to retire, and I believe that, consequently, not much money will be saved. Also, I would hope that incentives to retire never become pressure to retire.

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