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On the budget deficit issue(s)

Filed under General University Concerns by tedk on September 23, 2009 | No Comments

The proposed cost savings do not address the basic problem we face. Yes, we can make up part of the deficit by implementing them, but we miss the bigger picture. The entire salary/benefit structure for UF faculty is unsound and unwise. While we are having these discussions on how to cut costs, the administration is planning to hire new faculty using stimulus funding. Meanwhile, existing faculty are essentially told that there is no money for raises, and that we have to come up with cost savings to eliminate the deficit. Next year, we’ll be in a similar situation, and we’ll have to cut more. Will there be money for raises next year? Can the proposed cuts solve the problem? I think that the entire business model for UF requires a complete review, and not just an endless series of small steps that may or may not lead anywhere. We need a clear strategy, and a long term plan.

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