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RCM Impacts

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I certainly wouldn’t claim to have any great knowledge about how RCM works, but it seems clear to me that one of the outcomes is to discourage interdisciplinary work.  I direct a Museum Studies graduate program, housed in the College of Fine Arts,  which has from its beginning been interdisciplinary.  One of the requirements of the M.A. is that my graduate students take five graduate seminars in a disciplinary field of their choosing.  In the past my students have enrolled in history, anthropology, science, education, tourism, historic preservation, and art history.  I have enough applications that I can tailor each class, and, in the past, I have made an effort to select students from a variety of disciplines.   As I understand the RCM model, however, my home college will “lose” all or most of the SCHs for those fifteeen credits if they are taken outside the college.   In this scenario, RCM offers a strong motivation to accept only students interested art history and thereby keep their credits within my college.  I find myself caught between the necessity of the dollars and cents championed by RCM, and what I know to  be in the best interests of the students and the field.

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