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Poor attention to privacy

Filed under General University Concerns by jmgannon@ufl.edu on March 12, 2012 | No Comments

I was notified today, as were 718 others that our social security numbers have been visible on Florida’s Bureau of Unclaimed Property for nearly SEVEN YEARS! This is outrageous! I have had other instances over the years of companies reporting such information was inadvertently made public but never has a case occured where it was available for this duration of time. And when it does happen, those companies have taken responsibility to protect my information through use of monitoring systems that they pay for. This privacy violation reflects an abysmal lack of security oversight.

This university forces its faculty to jump through all kinds of hoops to assure FERPA requirements are met, from the use of encryopted flash drives to threats of wiping clean our personal computers, but when it comes to OUR privacy, where is oversight for us?

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